Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eight Weeks

Well today is Tuesday. This is my usual weigh in day for Weight Watchers. I have lost another .8 lbs this week bringing a grand total of 16.6 lbs lost in eight weeks. I thought that I would have done better than this but I guess the key is to just keep losing no matter how small. I didn't think that I had a very good week. The girls and I got together and I had this great idea to make vodka smoothies. MMMMMMMM they went down way too well. Then with the weekend throwing my eating off track i had no idea what kind of progress I was making.

Sometimes I see that my shape is changing drastically but the scale does not reflect this. Oh well upward and onward right. This is my journey that I have chosen and so far the babysteps are taking me somewhere. Next year at this time, my friend and I have a date for her birthday. She will be coming into a new decade and we plan to celebrate this along with our weight loss victory together on the tilt a whirl. A carnival ride neither of us has been able to experience in many many years. Well Here I am and I'm doing it!!!!

This is one of those times where being a loser makes you a winner.

Eight Weeks

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Ignorant!

So you know, usually I'm pretty positive. I have a great support group around me and they all just want to help me succeed, but today I saw ignorance and boy am I angry.

Myself, my husband and my 7 year old daughter were on one of our bike rides through rundle park. We love rundle park because the ride is as easy or as challenging as you make it. Well that and it is absolutely beautiful and close to home. I truly am blessed to have such a great place nearby. Well anyway, we came across some self centered egotistical young men who decided that they needed to prove their manliness.
You know, it is tough enough to be a 300lb woman to get on a bike and ride. We don't need the snide remarks and dog howls.

These guys obviously do not like fat people ( not everyone does ) but if you want to rid the world of us, encourage us on our journey. Those remarks don't help. Now me, I am not the average person, this stuff angers me but they will not deter me since I hold my own power and refuse to give in to those types. But there are many ( and those are who I speak out for ) who would take themselves back home, open up a bag of something full of fat or sugar to try to numb this pain caused by these jerks for lack of a better word.

How many times have we let bullies rule our lives and stand in our way?? Well no more I say, it is time to get on our bikes and ride. Put on those swim suits ladies and head to the pool. Roll into those runners and hit the trails!!! We need to unite and come together and show the world that we are determined. We will not be oppressed any longer. If you don't like what you see, turn your head and keep your mouth shut!! Maybe the more we come out and do something for ourselves, the more scared these bullies will be and they will stay in their homes, become reclusive, eat to ease their pain and join us. See what we have seen. Walk a block in our shoes.

I will not take this any longer and I don't think that anyone else should. We have power in numbers. From now on I vow not to let others control my life and I hope that others feel the same. We shall rise up and triumph. This is not a power struggle, I will do well and lose because this is waht is right for me, and no way no how are these animals going to stand in my way. THIS IS MY LIFE TO LIVE MY WAY!!!!!!!